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Your stress-free commute in dense cities.

The challenge

Cities in Lebanon and the greater MENA region do not have an efficient infrastructure and public transport system. As commuters, we are polluting the air, wasting a lot of time in traffic, and lacking the time to properly exercise to reduce stress and live a healthy lifestyle. This is our daily struggle.

Citizens spend 50% more time in traffic than necessary, while fuel and maintenance costs are increasing

47% of pollution is caused by traffic

>80% of citizens are not sufficiently physically active

The Wave solution

The alternative is cycling, it is emission-free, solves traffic and parking problems, and provides the daily required healthy exercise. Cycling is the perfect solution for dense cities in the greater MENA region. For many of us though, cycling seems not a viable option because of the lack of safe cycling infrastructure and cycling culture, the local climate, and the hilly environment.

That’s why we brought knowledge from Lebanese and Dutch engineers together and developed Wave: a game-changing smart electric bicycle subscription that offers you a safe and efficient commute. Wave has been tailor-made to the culture, the weather, and the streets of the regional cities. It will bring you safely to your destination without a sweat. Wave enables you to finally upgrade your commute to the trendiest standard.

We are on a mission to enable cycling for all dense cities in the region. Join our fast-growing community, get riding!

Our Vision

Citizens in the greater MENA region should have access to efficient and pollution-free commuting possibilities.

Our Products and Services

Wave offers a monthly subscription service to a smart electric bicycle.

The Wave bike
The Wave smart e-bicycle gets you to your destination without a sweat!

The Wave app
The Wave app is the core of the experience

Our Impact

Wave is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and these goals are part of every decision we make. Especially sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, and climate action are the core focus of our operation.


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Sustainable developer who enjoys to disrupt the status quo on micro-level to make macro-level impact. Founder of Wave, the e-bicycle subscription for Beirut.