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Empower eco-entrepreneurs to make Lebanon greener

The EcoSwitch Coalition is a network of organisations that support eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon. Read our Declaration here.

Declaration of Commitment

  • We Acknowledge that rapidly growing environmental challenges require urgent local and concerted action
  • We Believe that a strong a thriving eco-entrepreneurship ecosystem will help generate sustainable job opportunities, change local perceptions, tackle environmental degradation, and pave the way for a better environment in Lebanon
  • We Trust that by leveraging our know-how and sharing our diverse experience and resources, we can collectively empower eco-entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas, establish themselves and thrive in the long-term
  • We Agree to collaborate to offer support mechanisms in the best interest of green entrepreneurs, providing them with far reaching and meaningful support
  • We Commit to provide expertise, coaching, mentoring, networking opportunities, technical assistance, tolls, eco-design advice, and access to funding to green entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey
  • We Pledge to link eco-entrepreneurs with each other through a strong network, fostering exchange, cohesion, collaboration and synergies
  • We Envision that through a strong collaboration and by adopting a combined approach, our coalition will foster collective impact and inclusiveness,
  • lower barriers to entry, and improve framework conditions for green start-ups in Lebanon.

EcoSwitch Coalition partners

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