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The Challenge

We have become strangers in our own world; defying the law of nature, the give and take rule in our relationship with our environment. Myself Reine Metlej and my partner Yasmine Jebaly have taken the responsibility to help our community access revolutionary innovations that are easy to adopt and play a significant role in changing the negatively impactful habits they’ve practiced over decades into eco-friendly behavior.

The challenge wasn’t easy, as the majority of sustainability movements and initiatives over the years have been treating solid waste; the remaining 40-50% of the waste produced by the community -being organic- has been left untapped with few shy attempts that remained insufficient, since it is misperceived to be unharmful to the environment and human health. We believed that this was our chance, and with extensive research and studies we are today launching our first revolutionary system that brings in both sustainability and economic value to the society, BIOwayste.

Our Solution

BIOwayste offers a green effective approach to benefit from food waste and animal manure while reducing their destructive socio-economic and environmental impact, and reinforcing sustainability adoption.

BIOwayste is a decentralized and enclosed system allowing on-site conversion of organic waste into biogas and biofertilizer through a simple and natural bio-degradation process. Unlike fossil fuel, our biogas is a natural material that has no greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, or acid rain; and can be used instantly as a cooking gas. Moreover our produced biofertilizer is a legit substitute to commonly used fertilizers to grow whole-organic healthy plants.

Our Vision

We are the revolutionary change in organic waste treatment. BIOwayste will relentlessly develop and provide accessible, affordable and efficient waste-to-energy solutions for the world population.

Our Products and Services

BIOwayste has been innovated to be a real solution to the food leftovers and animal manures; having proven the upscaling value of the latters in our life offering a system that is:

Efficient system that turns organic waste into green resources

Money saver by cutting gas bills
Money saver by reducing waste disposal cost

Eco-friendly strategy based on on-site disposal of organic waste, while being odor and leachate free

Safe and easy to use system with no pre-preparation or technical skills needed

Our Impact

SDG7: The reduction in food waste will end up saving the institution money and resources by endorsing the use of clean renewable energy; mainly by the use of biogas as cooking gas.

SDG11: BIOwayste could be jointly operated with municipalities in different areas to divert a larger amount of waste generated in cities from landfills.

SDG12: BIOwayste will minimize the percentage of food wasted by up to 80% leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to up to 40% annually.

SDG13: BIOwayste could provide significant research potential for a closed-loop renewable energy system. Besides, it will help in improving and spreading awareness around waste reduction and recovery.


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Majored in Civil engineering, minored in Environmental Engineering, yet I always sought self-dependence and maneuvered my career path across different industries and I was able to leverage my expertise to enroll in tutoring courses and incubators’ journeys. I'm the founder of BIOwayste and I'm currently leading a Global Innovation Ecosystem in the USA “InnovatorsGate” with…