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Declaration of Commitment

Declaration of Commitment

  • We Acknowledge that rapidly growing environmental challenges require urgent local and concerted action
  • We Believe that a strong a thriving eco-entrepreneurship ecosystem will help generate sustainable job opportunities, change local perceptions, tackle environmental degradation, and pave the way for a better environment in Lebanon
  • We Trust that by leveraging our know-how and sharing our diverse experience and resources, we can collectively empower eco-entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas, establish themselves and thrive in the long-term
  • We Agree to collaborate to offer support mechanisms in the best interest of green entrepreneurs, providing them with far reaching and meaningful support
  • We Commit to provide expertise, coaching, mentoring, networking opportunities, technical assistance, tolls, eco-design advice, and access to funding to green entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey
  • We Pledge to link eco-entrepreneurs with each other through a strong network, fostering exchange, cohesion, collaboration and synergies
  • We Envision that through a strong collaboration and by adopting a combined approach, our coalition will foster collective impact and inclusiveness,
  • lower barriers to entry, and improve framework conditions for green start-ups in Lebanon.

Beirut Digital District is a unique cluster of innovation designed for the digital and creative community

BDD is an all-inclusive community, which offers the healthiest living environment where the young and dynamic workforce can WORK, LIVE & PLAY. BDD is built on the belief that Lebanese talent is the backbone of the Lebanese economy and that by providing it with the right support system, it can flourish and boost our economy, transforming Lebanon into a production hub.
Located in the heart of Beirut City, BDD is a unique cluster of innovation designed for the digital & creative community. We currently host 138 companies and up to 1500 resident community members.

Berytech provides support and growth to innovative and passionate entrepreneurs

Berytech is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs, providing a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups and SMEs, fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Lebanon. Berytech manages several programs, under different sectors including Agri-Food Innovation, Clean Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Women Empowerment, and SME Development and provides entrepreneurs with access to global support networks. Since 2002, Berytech has housed more than 350 entities, assisted more than 3,800 entrepreneurs, helped create more than 2,700 job opportunities, granted more than $2.0M to startups, raised $26.5M in funds to manage programs, and invested more than $70M in Lebanese technology companies.

Beyond Group brings together 3 practices and an international circle of partners with a commitment to meaningful environmental and social change

Through serving governments, donors and multilateral agencies, civil society organizations, communities and academic institutions, Beyond Group designs, implements and transfers integrated solutions, responding to local needs while capitalizing on global knowledge and partnerships. Beyond Group catalyzes initiatives for meaningful change and greater environmental and social impact, with a commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem through three cross-sectoral practices: 1) Public Policy and Management, 2) Organizational Learning & Development, 3) Innovation and Technology Integration. Beyond Group combines these practices with an international alliance of like-minded organizations serving our global partners through offices in Georgia, Turkey, Lebanon, and Canada.

Bloom supports startups and aim to make entrepreneurship education accessible everywhere

At Bloom, we believe education and creating sustainable enterprises is something that can and should be accessible to everyone, globally! Our mission is to use digital technology and human values to empower teams everywhere to address global challenges and build a more equal world. We have worked with prominent global partners including UNICEF, the UK Government, the UN Global Forum on Migration and Development, and welcome collaborations and support on these efforts, through raising awareness, joining our mentorship programs as mentors, leveraging the best practices and research on personal growth, organizational development, and economic development.

Cewas builds the future of water entrepreneurship in the Middle East

At cewas, we aim to build and strengthen the capacities needed to develop and implement sustainable entrepreneurial solutions for the water and sanitation sector. Cewas supported more than 100 water and environmental entrepreneurs in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq so far, through our business development programs, from initiating high-potential ideas, to developing their sustainable businesses and bringing them to market and scale. cewas offers year-long incubation and acceleration programs with tailored training, individualized coaching, mentoring and access to financing mechanisms. We actively build a community of entrepreneurs and facilitate networking through our experts and knowledge and community platforms.

Our programs span multiple countries and provide youth with the skills they need to launch their for-good & for profit startups or scale their existing impact-centered businesses

Changelabs was founded to help impact-centered entrepreneurs in MENA succees. We achieve this by designing and running some of the region’s leading entrepreneurship programs in partnership with development organizations, governments, private sector, and the different players of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Your learning space about the circular economy, sustainability, climate change and eco & social entrepreneurship

The Circular Hub is a learning space and concept created by EcoConsulting for broadening your knowledge about the environment, the circular economy, sustainability, climate change as well as eco & social entrepreneurship, through a variety of interactive and creative seminars, workshops, activities, and games. At the Circular Hub we aim to contribute to accelerating the change towards an eco-responsible society by spreading environmental awareness & knowledge, collaborating with like-minded people & experts and creating an accessible, multi-disciplinary learning space. We offer seminars & workshops on environmental topics, assist existing or potential eco and social entrepreneurs in launching new businesses.

EcoConsulting is a specialized sustainability and circular economy consultancy. We support eco-entrepreneurs in launching their environmental start-ups!

As a member of the EcoSwitch Coalition, EcoConsulting is unique in its specialization and expertise in the environmental, circular economy, sustainability, energy-efficiency, eco-building, and life-cycle thinking fields. We works with businesses and organizations to assts them in lessening their environmental impact, improving health and well-being in their working and living environments, eco-designing their products and services, transitioning to a circular economy model, assessing their carbon footprint and enhancing their CSR. We also provide architects, engineers, developers, planners and house-builders a variety of inter-linked services aiming at reducing the ecological impact of their projects and houses.

Fondation Diane’s mission is to create Civic Awareness and Eco-Sustainable Development region

The above are achieved through enlightening the citizens, motivating and mobilizing them to revive their sense of solidarity, and supporting creative minds who are taking green actions towards change, through 1) Chair for Education at USJ for awareness raising, training and research, 2) Civic Circle, a lobbying platform for environmental actions and events, 3) Viridis, an investment platform for financial and operational support to green projects and 4) RayMondo, a hub fostering green industrial innovation. Fondation Diane is the official partner of SwitchMed, a programme funded by the European Union, aiming at fostering green entrepreneurship in Lebanon.

Youth educational programs about entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy

INJAZ Lebanon has been working since 2001 to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among youth in Lebanon and equip them with the right set of skills and guidance to start their small enterprises. We aim to encourage youth’s green initiatives by placing environmental sustainability at the core of its programs and guide youth through their training and incubation towards a sustainable and green entrepreneurship mindset. INJAZ Lebanon encourages and promotes green businesses within their programs, such as: Darb W Dar, Generation of Innovation Leaders (GIL) and Innovation camps (ICAMPs).

LAU FMIC is your place to find answers, share knowledge, and build relationships to help you achieve your goals.

LAU Fouad Makhzoumi Innovation Center (LAU FMIC) is an Innovation center that provides LAU stakeholders with an all-inclusive incubation hub. We aim at fostering entrepreneurship endeavors and transforming ideas into sustainable businesses. We work closely with startups on raising basic entrepreneurship awareness, defining a target market, finding product-market fit, to getting first validation for the startups. We are also instrumental in helping entrepreneurs prepare for investor meetings. The rigorous and dynamic programs prepare entrepreneurs and matchmake them with cross-industry expertise to innovate and meet the new and evolving demands of the market.

Makesense inspires and empower citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to build an inclusive and sustainable society together

We enable citizens to implement concrete solutions for impact, thanks to joyful, collaborative and educational mobilization tools. We support entrepreneurs in solving today’s challenges by providing training, coaching, mentoring and funds. We offer organizations, corporates and institutions guidance, intrapreneurship and methodologies, to help them attain social and environmental responsibility. makesense has supported over 8000 social entrepreneurs worldwide, thanks to a community of 200 000 active citizens. In Lebanon, we have helped 80 entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. We encourage kindness to create trust, a life-long learning process, audacity to try and contribute, frugality and “enjoy-the-ride” attitude.

NucleusVentures is a leading startup hub. We run bespoke programs that build cutting-edge scalable businesses attractive to investors

Nucleus Ventures find the most innovative startups in emerging markets from all stages and help transform them into international ventures through structured and targeted access to global validation, mentorship, and expertise, in addition to funding.
Besides its flagship program The Nucleus, The Nucleus Ventures is running the Energy Innovation Hub Program, powered by UNDP, funded by the European Union, and in partnership with Ovation and LAU-FMIC that aims to drive Lebanon towards cleaner energy through fostering the creativity of its current innovators.

Proquale Management Consulting and Training is a network of consultants offering professional consulting services to green and social entrepreneurs and SMEs in Lebanon and the MENA region

Until today, Proquale has supported more than 300 green and social entrepreneurs in Lebanon. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, SMEs and our people excel while increasing the ecological and social impact of their activities. We provide green and social entrepreneurs with methodologies, training, coaching, mentoring and community support.

Smart ESA is the ESA Business School Accelerator, working to transform creators into entrepreneurs by providing startups with a management toolbox for sustainable success

Smart ESA is the ESA Business School Accelerator, working to transform creators into entrepreneurs by providing start-ups with a management toolbox for sustainable success. 90+ start-ups from all sectors across Lebanon have graduated from Smart ESA’s various programs, where they had access to a fully customized start-up acceleration program to boost and grow their solutions. Smart ESA’s commitment is to support the growth of the entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystem in Lebanon by extending our expertise and services free of charge.

TEC is a grass root initiative aiming at inspiring and supporting Tripolitan youth to start their entrepreneurial journey

TEC is a Social Enterprise that inspires and empowers Talents & Businesses to build value-driven innovation through a sustainable startup ecosystem.
The idea started as a response to an urgent need in the community: finding a solution for the lack of job opportunities and high unemployment rates. One of the main objectives of this club is to enable youth to create businesses which can generate jobs and economic growth in the near future. We are building an ecosystem to support any entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. By creating programs that are tailored  to every stage and our culture.

Waterlution – a federally registered Canadian non-profit – has successfully established itself as an internationally recognized water-focused organization.

Waterlution offers distinctive capacity building, leadership and facilitation training by engaging communities through addressing complex water challenges. The Water Innovation Lab (WIL) program serves to support the development of youth-led solutions to water challenges and engage a diverse network of collaborators. The past decade has seen tremendous success with the expansion of the WIL program globally which has to date delivered 17 programs, across 5 continents, 9 countries, and has trained 1,350 young water leaders, engaged 275 mentors, and initiated 100+ water innovation projects.