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Bringing Innovation to Drying Food

The Challenge

I come from an agricultural family and I’ve observed that one of the main challenges that farmers face during the harvest season is the large amount of produce that needs to be sold in the market in a very short timeline. Usually, these unsold produce in local markets are considered by wholesalers rotten and wasted. The farmers on the other hand, store and dry these fruits and vegetables on building rooftops in open air without any hygiene or safety measures. This is how the idea came to life in a university project. We wanted to tackle the above problems in a pocket friendly/sustainable solution. So we invented a solar food dryer that decreases food waste and improve the quality of dried produce in terms of the food safety, color, texture and taste.

Our Solution

SunCode has developed a convective solar drying machine allowing a more hygienic, faster, easier, and cheaper drying of food products compared to the conventional drying method used, with zero operational cost.

Our Vision

Empowering farmers of tomorrow using renewable energy products

Our Products and Services

Customizable solar powered drying apparatus. You can see two examples below:

Our Impact

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Experienced Agriculture Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in UN project ESDU,NGOs