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Lebanon Waste Management

  • Together We Can Be The Change

    The Challenge

    • Considering Waste as a burden rather than an opportunity

    • Misusage of landfills

    • Lack of awareness

    Our Solution

    A sorting facility that treats dry solid waste, which offers many service to enhance sorting from the source program.

    Our Vision

    We envision Lebanon to be a ZERO-WASTE community, invest in trash through upcycling and reusing.

    Our Products and Services

    • Sorting from the source Program ( currently working with 4 municipalities; Broumana-Dhour El Chweir- Atchaneh – Mrouj)

    • Pickup service

    • Shredding, compacting, crushing, and treating waste

    • exclusive services such as ECO-WEDDING package & ZERO-WASTE events.

    • buying people’s waste

    Our Impact

    • Economically: Job vacancies & extra income

    • Environmentally: decreases the usage of landfills

    • Socially: gives a helping hand to vulnerable communities (option of donating money)


    Connect with us


    Founder and CEO of Lebanon Waste Management Marketing graduate Environmental activist currently carrying through with my degree in law
    I'm a 27 year old operation manger and project director in Lebanon Waste Management. I'm an English Literature graduate and previously worked as an English Language teacher for 7 years.
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