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House of Lilies

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We strive to earn our living together growing and providing food while promoting healthy lifestyles, partnership with the land, and strengthening the local economy in Lebanon.

The Challenge

Lebanon’s agriculture production model has been dominated by suppliers of agricultural inputs who pushed for a heavy reliance on imported seeds and seedlings, fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation systems. This unsustainable system led over the years to increased farmers debt, inadequate land tenure and unsuitable practices such as the overuse of inputs leading to soil depletion and water pollution. This situation was further aggravated by the general lack of awareness of agriculture producers about the ways to initiate a strategic shift back to sustainable agricultural practices . The 2019 Financial crisis, the Covid Pandemic, the Ukraine War and the continuous effects of Climate Change have completely changed the parameters of the Lebanese agriculture production model as now it has become mandatory to adopt more resilient agricultural practices that rely on soil health regeneration, use of local inputs, agricultural waste recycling, use of traditional seeds and seedlings, and sustainable strategies for water & energy use. The challenge of today is thereby to think outside the box for elaborating a more sustainable agriculture production model for Lebanon that is adapted to our situation and can cope with our needs in terms of Food Security.

Our Solution

The elaboration of a sustainable Agriculture production model is a dynamic exercise that consists in working on each agricultural practice to make it more holistic and sustainable. We are currently focusing on the following issues:

1-Soil Health enhancement by agriculture waste recycling and the increase of the soil microbe content through the addition of organic amendments, compost tea and effective micro-organisms. In that respect the House of Lilies is working on the In-Farm production of a Beneficial Microbes Rich Compost Tea.

2-Water Effectiveness through the use of Water Energization techniques as water exposure to cosmic rays, water charging with positive vibes and the use of mechanical Vortexes. The House of Lilies is working on a solution for Farmers to effectively energize water and reduce water use in a most cost-effective manner.

3- Weeds Control in a sustainable manner requires a number of agricultural practices among which the use of mulching and the planting of aromatic plants that can compete with weeds. The House of Lilies has been using Lemongrass as an effective way of replacing weeds. The Lemongrass is then used to produce a Lemongrass Hydrosol that can be used similarly to the Orange Blossom Hydrosol. The Lemongrass is also used in the farm as a natural pesticide.

4-Organic Fresh Fruits & Vegetables have a limited shelve life while the local market cannot absorb large quantities. The House of Lilies is working on a Passive Green House Dryer project in collaboration with Suncode to produce organic dried fruits from our locally grown crops.

5-Irrigation Costs are exponentially increasing and Water scarcity is expected to increase in the coming years. The House of Lilies is working on a farming strategy that requires a minimum amount of irrigation through the use of indigenous plants and seeds along with farming practices that respect the natural rhythms of the soil

6-Sustainable Agricultural practices rely on a rich farm biodiversity. The House of Lilies are working on the establishment of biodiversity corridors between the farm lots and creating biodiversity havens around natural earth ponds.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to raise the collective Consciousness in our society by creating a holistic, sustainable business modality that can be readily experienced & shared with our customers, to inspire, promote and support perfect health in full harmony with Nature. We believe that by working with the natural rhythms of the soil, plants, people and microorganisms we can grow excellent tasting food without the environmental and health risks that can accompany chemical intensive farming practices. We want to change the paradigm of modern agriculture from increased yields and profits to wholesome food and healthy society.

Our Products and Services

Our main products are Fresh Fruits & Vegetables as Bananas, Avocados, Anonas, Pomegranate, Citrus Fruits, Papayas & Mangos.
We also produce Hydrosols from aromatic herbs as Lemongrass Hydrosol, Organic Bananas Chips and other dried fruits, as well as a Beneficial Microbes Rich Compost Tea solution as a substitute to imported inputs.
Finally the House of Lilies offers consulting services for the creation of biodiversity havens earth ponds & has an Aquatic Plants Nursery that provides a wide color range of water lilies, reed, galingale, papyrus, water mints and other.


Our Impact

We recycle 12 Tons of Agricultural Waste per year

Our Solar PV System generates 26.4 MWh/Year that make significant savings in Diesel Oil consumption and Electricity Bills that are

Equivalent to 1,444 Trees Planting per Year & 26.4 Tons of CO2 Reduction per Year


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I am an Energy Expert & Transcendental Meditator with more than 30 years of experience in each field. My hobby is Sustainable Agriculture and i've been working on finding adapted solutions to the challenge of producing lively food with positive vibes in a sustainable way.