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EcoSwitch Festival

The first annual festival for green enterprises!

Virtual event: 23 & 24 November
3.00 – 6.30pm

Physical gathering: 25th November
5.30-7.30pm at BDD

We are very pleased to announce the 1st annual EcoSwitch Festival for green enterprises organized by the EcoSwitch Coalition, a network of 17 organisations, institutions, and corporations that support eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon!

Why this Festival?
The EcoSwitch Coalition has been formed in 2020 to strengthen the support to Green Entrepreneurs in the country, with the aim of collectively empowering eco-entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas, establish themselves, and thrive in the long-term.

The idea of this Festival is to introduce sustainable entrepreneurs in Lebanon to the EcoSwitch Coalition; highlight how we are supporting them or could support them; link them to Partners and Experts; inspire them; transfer knowledge useful for enterprises –in particular during these times of high uncertainty—; provide a space for networking with like-minded eco-oriented entrepreneurs… and hopefully have a bit of fun too along the way!

  • Agenda – Day 1

    Welcome to all our green entrepreneurs!

    02:30pm: Online registrations start!

    03:00pm: Key Note Speech

    Diana Fadel

    Founder & President of “Fondation Diane

    In 2020, Diana was elected as the Chairwoman and CEO of “ABC Department Stores”.
    Diane believes in women empowerment, teamwork and positive spirit.


    03:05pm: What is the EcoSwitch Coalition?

    Learn about the EcoSwitch Coalition and its objectives

    Discover the partnership’s Declaration of Commitment

    Learn what has been accomplished so far

    03:30pm: World Café with Partners

    Speed Dating with the Coalition’s Partners in breakout rooms

    Meet the 4 Partners of your choice!

    Choose ahead of time the Partners you’d like to meet, click on this link

    04:15pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    04:30pm: Inspiring Interventions from four successful Green Entrepreneurs

    Learn about their journey, success stories, struggles, and more 🙂


    • Meet our inspiring Eco-Entrepreneurs!

      Batoul Hakim

      Savvy Element

      Marc Aoun

      Compost Baladi

      Vanessa Zuabi

      Mint Basil

      Ralph Sbeih

      Plastc Lab


    05:50pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    06:00pm: Online Networking by Sector

    Meet & Greet and network with like-minded green entrepreneurs from all over Lebanon!

    Select your breakout room from one of the following sectors:

    Clean Water & Water Conservation

    Clean Wastewater & Sanitation

    Regenerative Agriculture & Healthy Food

    Eco Fashion & Sustainable Textile

    Green Buildings & Construction Materials

    Waste Management, Recycling, Composting

    Sustainable Energy, Transport, & Infrastructure

    Sustainable Services, Education, & Eco-Tourism

    Other Sustainable/Eco/Organic Products

    06:30pm: End of Day 1

  • Agenda – Day 2

    02:30pm: Online registrations start!

    03:00pm: The EcoSwitch Coalition Platform

    Highlights of the new EcoSwitch Coalition website

    03:15pm: Expert Panel Sessions – Round 1!

    Choose between the following two Parallel Sessions:

    Local Sourcing & Local Manufacturing

    Export & Access to International Markets


    • PANEL 1 – Local Sourcing & Local Manufacturing


      Tania Ayoub

      Beyond Group

      Expert 1

      Cynthia Haddad Abou Khater

      Technica Int’l

      Expert 2

      Nancy Boueri

      Green Industrial Hub

      Entrepreneur 1

      George Kassab


      Entrepreneur 2

      Pierre Baaklini

      Lebanon Waste Management

      Entrepreneur 3

      Andre Hajjar


    • PANEL 2 – Export & Access to International Markets


      Antoine Karam


      Expert 1

      HeerdJan Hoogeveen

      Branch Unlimited

      Expert 2

      Hill Skaff

      Expert 3

      Saiid Saber

      Saber Middle East

      Entrepreneur 1

      Soumaya Merhi


      Entrepreneur 2

      Marc Metni

      Waste Studio


    04:05pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    04:20pm: Expert Panel Sessions – Round 2!

    Choose between the following two Parallel Sessions:

    Pricing Products in Times of Crisis

    Access to Investment: Current Outlook – Donors & Investors


    • PANEL 3 – Pricing Products in Times of Crisis


      Stephanie Rizk

      Expert 1

      Ounsi EL Daif


      Expert 2

      Rola Nasrallah

      Entrepreneur 1

      Rafa Hojeij

      Potion Kitchen

      Entrepreneur 2

      Raymond Boustani


    • PANEL 4 – Access to Investment: Current Outlook,
      Donors & Investors


      Janek Hermann-Friede


      Expert 1

      Constantin Salameh

      Expert 2

      Tracy El Achkar

      Expert 3

      Maurice Mouawad


      Entrepreneur 1

      Marc-Antoine Bou Nassif

      L’Atelier du Miel

      Entrepreneur 2

      Omar Itani



    05:10pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    05:20pm: Panels Recap with Moderators & Experts

    05:45pm: Speed Dating between Eco-Entrepreneurs 🙂

    Randomly Meet & Greet and get to know support partners and other sustainable entrepreneurs across Lebanon in various fields and different phases in their entrepreneurial journey.
    Navigate from one group to another to speed date!

    06:25pm: End of Day 2… but feel free to keep chatting online!

  • Agenda – Day 3

    Networking day – Physical gathering at BDD

    5:30pm: Introductory & Welcome Notes from SCP/RAC (SwitchMed representatives), Fondation Diane, and the EcoSwitch Coalition partners

    5:45pm: Short Animated Activity with all attendees as an Ice Breaker

    6:00pm: Speed Dating to get to meet other sustainable entrepreneurs and EcoSwitch Coalition Partners

    6:30pm: Nibbles & Drinks

    6:45pm: Free Networking time

    7:30pm: End of Gathering

Event Pictures

  • Injaz partner – Samar Dani

  • Lau FMIC partner – Ali Dalloul

  • Nancy Boueri and Johanna von Toggenburg during an interview by Télé Liban

  • The EcoSwitch Coalitions’ partners at the first annual EcoSwitch Festival for eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon organized at the Beirut Digital District

  • Berytech partner – Suha Hallab at the EcoSwitch Festival

  • cewas partner – Johanna von Toggenburg

  • Eco consulting partner – Maya Karkour

  • Andrea Ruzo – SCP/RAC

  • EcoSwitch Coalition Festival’s online World Café with the Coalitions’ partners, knowledge-sharing discussions, expert panel sessions, speed dating and networking activities

  • Vamos todos – Marc Aoun (Green Entrepreneur)

  • EcoSwitch Partners – Rouba Nassar from EcoConsulting and Pamela Jabbour from Fondation Diane

  • Nancy Boueri and Marleine Daher from Michel Daher Foundation

    Event Documents

    Entrepreneurs Presentation: Plastc Lab
    Entrepreneurs Presentation: Savvy Element
    Entrepreneurs Presentation: Compost Baladi
    Entrepreneurs Presentation: Mint-Basil Market
    Opening key note speech
    Opening Key note speech
    The EcoSwitch Platform
    Day 2 - Panel 1
    Day 2 - Panel 2
    Day 2 - Panel 3
    Day 2 - Panel 4
    Day 2 - Panels Recap

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