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The Challenge


Where most people see a pile of waste, we see opportunities to improve the lives of vulnerable people. Secondary raw materials have an unexploited value. ReFuse bridges communities and industries, creating the key linkage for a circular economy able to empower each user. Waste power grows with scale: it is when friends, neighbors, and local organizations cooperate that they can use its value to fund community initiatives, and solve their most pressing issues. ReFuse flips the problem, making waste the solution.

Our Solution

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Our Vision

A zero-waste society that channels resources to empower communities

Our Products and Services

We make recycling an easy income-generating habit. Our registered users accumulate rewards in their waste wallet and they can cash it out in local currency at our collection points.

Users are able to monitor their transactions, receive advice on sorting, and get engaged with the ReFuse community. Either via the ReFuse App or directly at our collection points.

Shared problems can be tackled with common efforts. Our Trash4Good platform allows communities to fund their initiatives through recyclables. Each user can propose a project or support the ones they believe in. Spreading the word, they can fund it together – with trash.

Our Impact


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I'm an environmental engineer specialized on waste management. I'm a consultant in the green microfinance sector working on the spread of sustainable innovations and financial inclusion