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“Fertilizer…From Land to Land”

The Challenge

Since the 90s, and in the absence of high-quality natural local fertilizers, Lebanon has been importing large quantities of chemical fertilizers that negatively affect the economy, agriculture, and health levels. As it is known, the main factor for cancer disease is chemical fertilizers that are deposited in our food.

Our Solution

  • Garbaliser is producing high-quality natural fertilizer using advanced fermentation technology and benefiting from methane gas in the production of energy, thus ending with zero waste.

  • We provide farmers and farming enthusiasts with our most efficient and eco-friendly fertilizer by adhering to healthy environmental practices.

  • Our products are valuable due to their high quality and impressive results on crops & plants.

  • We target our 4 S'(Sundry-Safe-Simple & Speedy).

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable world through, promoting ecological fertilizing methods.

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Garbaliser is a Lebanese enterprise specializes in transforming organic leftovers into organic fertilizers using advanced fermentation technology, which we are working to replicate in different regions, as well as benefiting from methane gas in the production of energy. Our fertilizer is designed to improve crop quality and yield while being environmentally safe. Contact email…