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EcoSwitch Festival II

The second festival for green enterprises!

Virtual event: 23 & 24 November
3.00 – 7.00pm

Physical gathering: 25th November
4.30 – 7.00pm at BDD 1280

We are very pleased to announce the second EcoSwitch Festival for green enterprises organized by the EcoSwitch Coalition, a network of 24 organisations, institutions, and corporations that support eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon!

Why this Festival?
The EcoSwitch Coalition has been formed in 2020 to strengthen the support to Green Entrepreneurs in the country, with the aim of collectively empowering eco-entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas, establish themselves, and thrive in the long-term.

The idea of this Festival is to introduce sustainable entrepreneurs in Lebanon to the EcoSwitch Coalition; highlight how we are supporting them or could support them; link them to Partners and Experts; inspire them; transfer knowledge useful for enterprises –in particular during these times of high uncertainty—; provide a space for networking with like-minded eco-oriented entrepreneurs… and hopefully have a bit of fun too along the way!

  • Agenda – Day 1

    Welcome to all our green entrepreneurs!

    02:30pm: Online registrations start!

    03:00pm: Key Note Speech

    03:05pm: What What has been achieved by the EcoSwitch Coalition?

    03:30pm: World Café with Partners

    Speed Dating with the Coalition’s Partners in breakout rooms

    Meet the 4 Partners of your choice!

    Choose ahead of time the Partners you’d like to meet, click on this link

    04:25pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    04:40pm: Inspiring Interventions from four successful Green Entrepreneurs

    Learn about their journey, success stories, struggles, and more 🙂


    • Meet our inspiring Eco-Entrepreneurs!

      Nadim Inati


      Hanan Ismail


      Ziad Hussami


      Soumaya Merhi

      TAQA Bakery


    06:00pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    06:10pm: Online Networking

    Meet & Greet and Network with like-minded green entrepreneurs from all over Lebanon!

    Select your breakout room from one of the following sectors:

    Sustainable Products

    Sustainable Agriculture and Composting

    Sustainable Wastewater & Water

    Sustainable Food Systems

    06:45pm: End of Day 1

  • Agenda – Day 2

    02:30pm: Online registrations start!

    03:00pm: The EcoSwitch Coalition Platform

    Updates & highlights of the EcoSwitch Coalition website

    03:15pm: Expert Panels OR Challenge Sessions

    You now have the option to either follow two expert panels, or one session aiming at solving a specific local challenge! Select one of the 2 breakout rooms based on your preference 🙂
    We will all convene back after in the main room for a quick recap!

    OPTION 1 – Attend two Expert Panel sessions

    03:20pm: Expert Panel Session – Round 1!

    • PANEL 1 – The benefits of clustering between enterprises


      Lynda Achkouty


      Marc Bou Zeidan

      Cluster Manager at QOOT


      Antoine Skayem

      FREE energy


      Valerie Zakka

      Zakka Technologies


      Georges Youssef

      Agro Cedrus

      Agro Cedrus is a small Lebanese enterprise (SARL) established in 2017 in Menjez – Akkar, working to develop a sustainable approach to organic farming through growing and producing new innovative healthy and tasty sustainable organic carob-based products.

      Behind our products exists a passionate team who believes in the huge benefits of the carob fruits on human health and the environment.

      Agrocedrus team is very motivated to reach high success in the carob industry. Their aim is to develop the carob value chain vertically by innovating new organic carob-based products answering market needs, and horizontally by reaching out to local and international markets.

      Agro Cedrus has a direct social impact since its core business relies not only on a clear commitment to buy the carob fruits from a cluster of carob famers in the region of Akkar and assuring their income, but also to help farmers in implementing good farming practices and planting new fields of carob trees that are beneficial for the environment.

    04:10pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    04:20pm: Expert Panel Session – Round 2!

    • PANEL 2 – Behavioural NeuroScience & Going Green


      Carine Lteif

      Senior Lecturer at the American University of Beirut


      Samah Karaki


      Nabil Saleh

      Executive Vice President at Nudge

      Nabil is the Executive VP at Nudge Lebanon. He has been part of the founding team at Nudge Lebanon since 2015 and is responsible for directing the organization’s operations and overseeing successful implementation and execution of projects.

      He has been involved in setting up more than five ‘Nudge Units’ and Behavioral Insights Teams in public and private institutions around the Middle East, including B4Development (formerly the Qatar Behavioral Insights Unit) – the first Nudge Unit in the Middle East – where he is currently a senior visiting fellow. He has also led the delivery of several academic graduate-level courses as well as masterclasses in Behavioral Science.

      Nabil holds an MSc in Behavioural Science from the London School of Economics as well as a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the American University of Beirut.


      Guglielmo Mazzà

      Co-Founder at Refuse


      Omar Itani

      Founder of FabricAid

    OPTION 2 – Solve the Banana Waste Challenge!

    03:20pm: Let the Challenge Begin!

    In this session, we will be exploring with a variety of different stakeholders the potential usage for agricultural waste from banana plantations in Lebanon, with the objective of collaboratively figuring out if, how, and under which conditions this type of waste can become a useful resource for our country instead of being discarded, rotting, or burnt by farmers.

    • The Participants


      Maya Karkour

      Circular Hub

      Innovation Specialist

      Aya Hteit

      Sustainability & Innovation Specialist at Beyond Group


      Georges El Tawil


      Architect & Designer

      Michele Braidy


      Sustainable Farmer

      Karim Osseiran

      House of Lilies

      Fashion Designer

      Nadine Mneimneh

      Nadine Mneimneh

      Paper Maker

      Badriah El Osta


      Visual Artist & Paper Maker

      Mohamed Amine Hamouda


    04:10pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    04:20pm: Challenge Continues


    05:10pm: Virtual Coffee Break

    05:20pm: Panels & Challenge Recap with Moderators & Experts

    05:40pm: Interactive Fun Time

    05:45pm: Eco-Entrepreneurs Challenge Duel

    Ready?! Pull out your eco warrior hat (we don’t promote swords here) and join us for the Duel Challenge 😊, an engaging and fun activity that of course ends in winners & a few prizes*!
    We won’t leave you to duel alone though! You will be split in groups to discuss some of the daily challenges faced by eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon, come up with ideas & best practices to solve them, then argue & debate your way to win the Challenge Duel!
    *We can’t disclose the prizes now, but you know they will be eco-friendly!

    • Co-Facilitators


      Samar Dani



      Talar Kokjian



      Stephanie Rizk

      Tote 3a Beirut


      Stephanie Shaar


      She’s also a member of the Global Shapers Community’s Beirut Hub, running multiple social impact projects in Lebanon. She’s also a certified snack lover, cat-mom to three, and cartoon aficionado.

    06:45pm: End of Day 2… but feel free to keep chatting online!

  • Agenda – Day 3

    Networking day – Physical gathering at BDD 1280

    4:30pm: Introductory & Welcome Notes from Fondation Diane, MedWaves (SwitchMed representatives), Asfari Foundation, and other EcoSwitch Coalition partners

    Pascale Assaad

    Senior Programs Coordinator at “Fondation Diane

    Abdulrahman Alhalawani

    Youth Learning, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programme Manager at the “Asfari Foundation

    Daniel Pelufo

    Programme Manager at “SwitchMED

    Actually he’s the SwitchMED program manager at Middle East aiming to accelerate the transition towards a green and circular economy in the Mediterranean Region through the creation and development of a green entrepreneurship. He is mainly concerned with the improvement of living conditions for the most vulnerable population through the creation of green economic opportunities and decent job among youth and women, finding the balance between growth and climate justice.

    4:50pm: Announcement of the Duel Challenge winners!

    4:55pm: Speed Dating to get to meet other sustainable entrepreneurs and EcoSwitch Coalition Partners

    5:25pm: Nibbles & Drinks & Free Networking time

    6:15pm: Concert & more Networking 🙂

    7:15pm: End of Gathering

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